Erasmus Wishlist (and floral dress for sale) :)

August 08, 2017

Hi! Some of you know that I'm going on Erasmus+ study programme to Prague and some of you don't. Today, I decided to create a wishlist and it's going to be also my "shopping list" of things, which I don't have right now so I will know, what else I need to buy and in the second part of the artice I will give you some advides of desses, which are in sale (floral dress for sale). I have been thinking a lot about article like this lately and when I got an e-mail from, that they want to cooperate with me I said to myslef, why not :) 

There are a few things (most likely everything) I fell in love with immediately. Corset and long black skirt isn't especially for Erasmus, but my cousin will have wedding in October and I really love this combination of corset and skirt, so I'm thinking of wearing them for the wedding. I like also pieces of lingerie (1, 2, 34 and 5). For cold days in October and November (but also for the winter) I'm going to need new shoes, but I can't pick one - I like this black one as well as these floral print one. And the other things - new backpack (there I pick one with dragnfly on it, which I really like), cosmetics brushes and some jewerely (ring, choker and earings).
And for this - second - part of the article, I chose some pieces of dresses, which you can find at DressLily in sale. All these four dresses are really beautiful and I would love to have them all. But of course I have my favorite from them and the third one I like the most. So what do you think about pieces I chose? Which one do you like the most? For me it's definitely the corset! I'm going to write about my Erasmus experience, so I hope that there will be many and many articles even from Prague. I'm looking forward to meet new poeple and try living on my own and I feel, that this is my way to discover myself and prepare for next decades of life :) Okay, I think that this is time to end this article and I will see you next time!     ~Car