August 09, 2018

Hi! This day - outside of my blogging world - is one of these days I've been looking forward to for whole year. And that's because of the vacation. We are going kemping (like every year) and that's the best thing about summer for me. Exept that, this summer I also atempt to photographing alot and I'm also enjoying it. This article will be about some outfit styles I would love to photoshoot and/or wear and let somebody else photoshoot this outfits on myself.

Recently, I got an e-mail from Zaful.com, whether I would want to cooperate with them and I said yes. I have a discount code for you, if you decided to buy something - code is "ZFSally" and it works like that - when you use this code and have order over $100, you will save $12 (over $50 - $6 and over $25 - $3). Exept this outfit, I recomend you take a look on their Summer New Arrival - mostly they have really beautiful swimwear there. And now we can discuss outfits I chose.

I'm so in love with this one! I saw this skirt in my work for the first time and I immediately knew, that I will do photoshoot with it. I was thinking about how to style it and I just love this cambination. Skirt and shoes are from Gate, top and bag are from Zaful and other stuff aren't that important, because you just can style it with simple silver jewels and some makeup, but definitely with red lipstick.

Few things from this - second - outfit - are again from Gate, from Zaful and now I added one item from another seller - trousers from Stradivarius. My inspiration for this outfit was my current most favourite TV Show - The Bold Type. The main item for me were shoes and I style the outfit accoding to it. Added simple black trausers, yellow bag and green top - this green top is from Zaful.

I hope you like this outfits, let me know in the comment below! And now, I am going to enjoy our kemping vacation and I will see all of you with another new article!     ~Caroline


  1. Dokonalé, vydarené outfity! Najviac sa mi jednoznačne páči ten prvý ♥

  2. vypadají zajímavě, ale já bych si to nedokázala takto sestavit sama

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  4. U mňa jednoznačne vyhráva druhý outfit - veľmi sa mi páčia všetky kúsky 💗

  5. Krásne outfity, vyskladala si to naozaj vkusne a kreatívne :)

    Igelitku si neprosím / Facebooková stránka

  6. Veľmi sa mi páči ten druhý outfit, viem si ho predstaviť nosiť :)