Košice, Slovakia


March 10, 2022

Hello and welcome back! After posting my last article about the decision to follow my passion and persue career in what I love - photography and filmmaking - I also decided to come back and write this blog again - more often than I used to. I started to write blog when I was about 12 years old and so far that's one of very FEW things, that stayed with me to this point in my life. I've changed since then, but I've never stopped loving writing and creating something new. So.. now I'm back and I have one surprise!

I've decided to write this blog BILINGUAL!

For me that means, that some articles will be written in english, some in slovak (and maybe some in both languages). Maybe there'll be some mistakes, but I'll try my best. One of the reasons for this change is also to get better in writing, thinking and speaking english, because I think that I will need this for my future work and career, so let's start with it right now :) Hope you are as excited as I am, and I will see you in the next article :)

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